Netflix is currently working on 90 brand new games including Squid Game

Streaming huge Netflix continues to make headway in the gaming arena with 86 games on offer to subscribers by the end of the year.

Netflix is currently working on 90 brand new games including Squid Game

A blog post on the subject announced that 40 of the games will be available this year which includes the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy. In addition, with more than 90 additional games being developed The company is "just beginning to get going".

The article continues to mention Cosy Grove: Camp Spirit, FashionVerse, Game Dev Tycoon along with Sonic Mania Plus as its four most anticipated titles that are coming up.

The most significant issue Netflix has had to deal with is the capability to play every game on mobile devices. However, the company now says it has, "Taken the first step toward our long-term goal to ensure that games are playable on any device, by rolling out a game test on both computers and televisions throughout the US, UK and Canada. We'll continue rolling this test out to other countries and add the latest games we test to our list as go.

The games will be added soon to Netflix

The blog also provides a brief list of some of the other games we could expect soon. The games include:

Braid the Braid, Anniversary Edition (April 30)

Chicken Run: Eggstraction

The Dragon Prince: Xadia

Dumb Strategies to Survive


Harmonium The Musical

Katana Zero

Money Heist: Ultimate Choice (Jan 4)

Monument Valley 1 & 2

Netflix Stories: Virgin River

Paper Trail

The Rising Of The Golden Idol

Of them, Braid, Hades, and Monument Valley 1 and 2 stand out as being worth downloading.

Squid Game continues to be an international phenomenon thanks to the popularity of the show, and the reality TV competition based on it doing very well. There isn't much information provided by Netflix regarding the show right now, but the post does conclude with the line, "A game set in the world that is Squid Game, in which you compete against other players on the hit show."

Season 2 of the reality television version is now available for purchase and confirmed by Brandon Rigg, Netflix VP of nonfiction. Rigg stated "There was no red-light in the decision to go ahead with season two of Squid Game: The Challenge The most ambitious scripted show we've premiered at Netflix."

The company also stated earlier this month its intention to venture into the live streaming sports market.